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Ms. Pink Loves Leopard Print

Ms. Pink Loves Leopard Print

Leopard print - love or loathe?

Do you 'do' leopard print? Adore it? Or too Bet Lynch?

Where are you on the scale of leopard print love, sophisticated classy kitsch? Or downright trashy?

Full disclosure, I have a lifelong love for leopard print, not in its natural form (various shades of brown and beige that send unpleasant shivers down my spine), which in nature is to blend in and camouflage (real leopards are a thing of beauty and wonder), but in vibrant contrasting colours.

As a young Punk of 13, neon, lime green leopard print was all the rage, in my case, a jacket which I wore for years and years until it was so faded it was no longer neon.

I have an orange and pink leopard print coat, a yellow and pink leopard print scarf, three leopard print bomber jackets (pink, yellow, green) which are rotated on a regular basis and numerous colourful leopard print cushions in the living room. And then there are the pink and orange leopard print leather bags.

Me! (Ms.Pink) on a recent outing clutching my orange leopard print bag and accessorising with double leopard print!

Image credit  Bianca Hall

Image credit Bianca Hall


Leopard print in interiors can be a little trickier, too much can look busy and overdone, but then some might say that about too much colour and I wholeheartedly disagree with that! I've searched extensively for a colourful leopard print rug (pink/orange, pink/yellow a combination of the three...) and cannot find any, so I am reaching the conclusion that Quirk and Rescue will have to make one! During research for this post I could actually find very little in the way of colourful leopard print products in the UK, but thank goodness for Instagram which is a mine of creativity and visual beauty.

It's there I found Eleanor Bowmer and her fabulous leopard print tea towel and tote bags. I love the pink/blue/ochre colourway Eleanor has used. It feels so fresh and modern. You can find Eleanor's Instagram page here

Eleanor 3.jpg

I also love this leopard print lampshade by Marcie K Designs for its opulent, baroque vibes. If you fancy a similar lampshade (and who doesn't need a leopard print lampshade in their life?), then you can commission Marcie to make one to your exact specifications.

Marcie .jpg

It is actually quite time consuming to paint leopard print by hand, but worth the time in my opinion (and yes, I speak from experience here!). Quirk and Rescue painstakingly hand painted a green leopard print cabinet a few years ago, I was quite sad when it sold as it could have easily found its place in the living room, but it did go to a good leopard print loving home.


What's your favourite leopard print? Is there someone I've missed? Drop me a comment and let me know!

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