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Ms. Pink Loves Dots

Ms. Pink Loves Dots

Dots are an extremely simple pattern that you can do some quite complex things with in terms of interiors…

Little circles of varying sizes, it doesn’t get much more basic than that!

But how’s this for a real statement piece? Would you have this in your home? ( perhaps minus the mouth?)

Polka dot armchair from  Amara

Polka dot armchair from Amara

I love the oversized handles on these mugs.

Exposed Cay Dot mugs from  West Elm

Exposed Cay Dot mugs from West Elm

I’m a big fan of these Halftone dot style cushions.

Cushions by  Sunny Todd

Cushions by Sunny Todd

Polka Dots popularity boomed in fifties fashion.

Polka dot dresses from  Vivien of Holloway

Polka dot dresses from Vivien of Holloway

Dots are also popular in various forms of art; from Australian Aboriginal art (whose dot paintings are now internationally recognised as culturally significant) or the contemporary op art dots of Bridget Riley, to halftone dots which were most famously used by Roy Lichtenstein and also across a large range of print graphics in the sixties.

Now, how mind boggling is this? It’s part of an ongoing exhibition by Yayoi Kusama at The Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles.


The images below are from the recent Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery in Australia. Aptly named The Obliteration Room, you can see the blank white space at the start of the exhibition and as it progressed the space was literally covered by dots of varying colours and sizes that visitors were given, to place wherever they wanted, upon entering the room. Gradually ‘obliterating’ the white space with dots.

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Famed for her witty pop art and eccentric surrealism one of the world's most famous living artists can come to life in your home. A traditional Japanese gift with a Nordic twist. Handpainted wooden doll designed by Becky Kemp for Sketch Inc.


The Collection : Buttonhooks.

The Collection : Buttonhooks.

Radio London interview

Radio London interview