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The Collection : Buttonhooks.

The Collection : Buttonhooks.

From Art Nouveau to Animals, Bakelite to Bullets and Cherubs to Claws, Jude’s vast Buttonhook collection (she’s not sure exactly how many, but it is in the thousands!) is exactly the kind of collection I am excited to have on my blog!

You can find more photos and information on Jude’s Instagram account.

What is that you collect?

I collect buttonhooks and glovehooks (of all materials,shapes and sizes) Victorian/Edwardian.  A buttonhook/glovehook was used to bring a button through a buttonhole for shoes/boots/gloves/dresses/collars.  I have a good variety of most categories: silver, gold, bone, enamel, trenchart, military, bullet, advertising, bakelite/plastic, ivory, steel, porcelain, brass, agate/stone, corozo nut, folding/combination hooks with shoehorns, penknives, souvenir/commemorative, wood, mother of pearl, abalone, horn/antler, etc... so many different variations to collect which is so much fun!

They are no longer used, so I like the idea that I am saving them from being forgotten. I love them all!  Each one has a personality all it's own.

Some of the more unusual personalities in    Jude’s Collection

Some of the more unusual personalities in Jude’s Collection

When and why did you start collecting?

I have been collecting for about 25 years and started because my mum is also a collector and her enthusiasm was contagious!  We both belong to The Buttonhook Society based in the UK. I am currently the Overseas Coordinator for the society. 

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What’s your best find/favourite?

My favourite buttonhooks are my Shiebler silver with seashells/seahorse and my very large english silver swan head. Both are absolutely gorgeous! My best find would be my corozo nut which looks like a grotesque mans head, very creepy! The corozo nuts are especially hard to find.

Whats the one piece/item you would like to add to your collection?

The one buttonhook I would love to find is the Hare buttonhook (Birmingham/Crisford & Norris). Please help me find one :) I love rabbits/hares so this would be an incredible find for me!

What do your friends think about your collection?

My friends think my collection is amazing, very unusual and quirky. 

Ms. Pink Loves Dots

Ms. Pink Loves Dots