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Ms.Pink Loves Stripes (Part 1)

Ms.Pink Loves Stripes (Part 1)

Stripes - I love 'em! 

Technically they are a long band or strip differing in colour or texture on either side, to me they are a vivid treat for the eyes. Very few designs could adorn a five year old child and an adult equally as well. From brights to Breton there's a stripe for everyone. In the animal world, as with leopard print, stripes are a form of camouflage, or, in the case of the bumble bee, a warning to predators but if you know anything about me it doesn't take much to guess that's not the way I like to use them!

I have a long history with stripes, from the many coloured striped tights in my Punk years to my striped living room floor today (five days work people!), they remain a firm favourite in my life.

Stripey tights.jpg

I discovered the Georgia Artist, Angela Blehm, along with many other brilliant creative inspirations, on Instagram - @angelachrusciakiblehm

She has incorporated stripes into her living space in a stunningly original way. The wallpaper is Deconstructed Stripe by Miles Redd and the black and white striped ribbons are ink printed onto wood.  I'm already thinking of something similar, say, in pink and orange!

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A few years ago I painted this bureau, which I think dates from the thirties in a retro stripe design, it was a complicated design, but ended up as really fun piece of furniture.

Retrostripe copy.jpg

The master of stripes is Jim Lambie, he's best known for his bright and colourful vinyl tape floor installations. They are nothing short of amazing and I am planning on how I can use vinyl tape in a similar fashion on a small stairway that is currently unadorned in the Ms. Pink home. I think I would (WILL??) definitely apply a few coats of varnish as I envisage it peeling at the edges with heavy daily use.

Jim Lambie stairs.jpg

From two colours to many colours together, from pinstripes to zigzags, from verticals to diagonals, stripes can create a bold, eye-catching statement that no-one can ignore.

I mean just take a look at this simple use of colourful stripes on something as dull as an industrial chimney stack, and tell me that you heart doesn't start beating that little bit faster? Look how the colour stands out against the dull drab building, why isn't it the other way round?

It should be the other way around!

There are so many different ways of using stripes that I've got Part 2 of this post to write. In fact, if you have any favourite examples of colourful stripes in interiors, then let me know in the comments below!

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